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Welcome to the Incablock website!

We are very excited about introducing our company and our capabilities to you.

Incablock's product line provides state of the art low technology that allows us to rapidly develop entire communities with our construction system; incorporating among others eco-friendly materials, such as natural Pozzolan (volcanic material). Our highly energy-efficient architectural designs take advantage of all forms of nature’s energy sources which additionally allow for effective low cost solar electricity and water heating systems.

As our company progresses, our commitment is to include our investors in all aspects of the development and growth opportunities. Our detailed business plans and accurate financial statements will be readily available for investors to review.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to having you join our team’s rapidly growing success with green technology.

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A Letter to Distributors and Customers of Incablock

Housing is a critical component in fostering economic development. Yet between two and three billion people around the world live in inadequate shelter, creating a huge social and economic strain on developing economies. And for many people throughout the developing world, owning a home is even further out of reach.

To meet the projected growth of households, developing countries may need as many as 21 million new housing units per year through 2010.

Most of the construction of houses and commercial buildings around the world are built with concrete blocks and or concrete materials, is the most economical material found globally. Incablock is in a position to penetrate the rapidly growing and untapped potential of the international housing and Commercial market, with its construction System.

Now, the mission of INCABLOCK is to provide the builder worldwide, with the safest, strongest, versatile, low skill rated, and most important; economical, complete Modular concrete blocks construction system...


As part of our efforts to accomplish this mission, we are constantly improving our construction techniques, and giving you actual field results of many builders using the same system. Additionally, we continually do Research and Development on new products that can be used, or incorporated with our system, in different countries.

Those of you that have large projects, or even a single one, can really appreciate how our system can accomplish the difficult task and ultimate goal, of having control over the job site with LOW SKILL LABOR. This is a realization that is happening for the first time in the block construction industry.

Large housing projects required to be made of concrete blocks, confront a major challenge, a large pool of masonry personnel, not only hard to find, but definitely more expensive, especially in areas with shortage in skilled labor.

The INCABLOCK construction system is a low skill rated system. Furthermore, it is much safer than conventional blocks, for earthquakes, hurricanes or typhoons, due to the tong and groove attachment in the four faces of each block. Therefore, it makes the wall a non monolithic structure, with higher resistance to movement that is due to the dilatation Joint of each block

The INCABLOCK construction system have several designs of blocks that allow the builder to assemble the modular blocks to each other, without any mortar and without cutting or wasting any piece, due to a predetermined block model and position that follows the construction plans. Thus, construction is made simpler!

Furthermore, the predetermined block positions allow the system to make blocks with preset attachments, such as electrical outlet boxes for switches, sockets, plugs or any other junction boxes for plumbing, telephone, cable, etc. We can also include solar electricity by solar panels, solar water heaters and  insulated exterior and interior panels with your orders.

For Manufacturers, the INCABLOCK construction system allows them to produce KITS for construction-assembly of a house or a building from a variety of plans, making the venture a very profitable one.


Daniel D. Correa, PhD