The INCABLOCK™ concrete blocks are used for conventional construction of walls and entire houses or buildings.

INCABLOCK™ provides greater design flexibility while providing significantly greater structural strength and earthquake resistance when compared to standard concrete blocks.

The INCABLOCK™ product line is part of a construction system that includes several important features that set them apart from other products that may be considered competitive. It is one of the most innovative product lines in construction today. The INCABLOCK™ product line offers more than 10 different modular blocks that are versatile enough to accommodate a total modular construction project.

Interlocking capabilities on all contact faces, with each block forms a dilatation joint in each contact face (top-bottom-left side-right side), increasing the flexibility to resist earthquakes and high winds.











Self-alignment capabilities:
All blocks in the system are component to each other and can only be fit in one way.

Cost effective:
10 times faster than regular construction, 3 minutes compared to 39 minutes per conventional square meter. Easy assembly and construction, even if grout is needed.

Innovative design:
Hollow cells in the block interior allows the passage of re-bars, insulation materials, cables and pipes for utilities and grout when needed

Unskilled labor rated:
After the first course is grouted to the flooring structure, the blocks are quickly assembled.

Fire resistant:
Since concrete blocks do not support combustion, their mass transfers heat slowly and their fire resistance is very high.

Sound control:
Especially important in multiunit housing, commercial and industrial applications, is excellent. It's also important in sound barriers for populated areas on highways.

Attractive finishes:
Perfectly aligned blocks with no mortar provide a better surface for applying decorative finishes by brush, towel or spray, in some areas may be left expose.