Vancouver Metro Planning Coalition, Canada.

February 28, 2007
Dr. Daniel D. Correa, President
Incablock LLC
33H Street 6020 California 91910
Dr. Daniel D. Correa
Re: Inca In Canada

The Vancouver Metro Planning Coalition is a network and think tank dealing with ignored or difficult problems in the Metro Vancouver area. Over the years, a number of proposed solutions have been advanced towards establishment of more sustainable housing in our city. Many of the considered problems and proposals are indicated on the web downloadable version of The Missing Housing show, found at

In the course of exploring one segment of inadequate housing in this city, the concept of the Startup Village arose, a model for high density living in the pattern of a traditional old world village. At the World Urban Forum held in Vancouver in 2006, o the futurists did not really address the benefits of the traditional ways of living, what the Old World can teach the New World, in a time of dwindling resources and the end of cheap energy. The Startup Village and many other similar scale and density solutions propose to allow people to get involved in the building of their own housing again. The notion of ‘sweat equity’ or doing it for yourself has benefited many families and their communities.

During our extensive studies MVPC came upon the Inca Block option. This is an interlocking self stacking, no mortar, concrete building block which opens up many new possibilities. The benefit of a noncombustible building for less cost than the predominant wood frame buildings cannot be ignored.

As a result of work by the Vancouver City Planning Commission, (Housing Committee) these solutions and approaches were became part of the Commissions presentation with Simon Fraser University in September 2006 on “Affordability by Design” Workshop held in Vancouver. We note that The Missing Housing presentation had the largest attendance that day. The emphasis of this presentation was the need to radically change our pattern of community housing and living in order to protect our city and culture in the face of Global Warming and diminishing energy resources .

The combination of factors involving increasing demands for energy with its diminishing availability, Global Warming, fire prevention, and relatively cheap and safe building construction, indicate that “Inca Block” can make a great contribution to better, safer, more durable and cheaper housing. The reintroduction of owner built housing options is a boon to any housing market. For all of these reasons, there is great interest in Incablock construction systems, utilizing the Inca Block.